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Ron Bartel ,1983

Ron Bartel founded Bartel Machine in Leamington in 1983, after a successful decade as a tool and die maker in Windsor. His initial mission was to provide machine shop services for the local automotive manufacturing and agricultural industries. Engineering drawings were created on a drafting board by hand, and all manufacturing was done manually.


In the early 90’s, our initial CAD software package was purchased along with some computers. While our MRO work continued, project complexity and detail grew into custom, special purpose machinery and automation requiring controls. This required a larger team and more space.


By the mid 90’s, our first CNC machine with on-board controls was purchased as a necessary tool for the projects we had at the time. Later investment in this realm included CAM software, faster computers, and smarter machines.


During the 2000’s, our research and development project list grew exponentially, including the development of medical tissue harvesting instruments, food processing equipment, automotive component assembly and checking machines, and sewer lateral cutting, measuring, and rehabilitating systems.


We’ve steadily grown and evolved over the past 30 years into a full service mechanical engineering and manufacturing boutique, thanks to countless trusting and dedicated suppliers and clients.







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