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Bartel Timeline


Ron Bartel founded Bartel Machine in Leamington in 1983, after a successful decade as a tool and die maker in Windsor. His initial mission was to provide machine shop services for the local automotive manufacturing and agricultural industries. Engineering drawings were created by hand, and all manufacturing was done manually.

EARLY 1990'S

In the early 90’s, while we continued to provide machining support services, the complexity of our work evolved into custom, special-purpose and automation machines.

MID 1990s

By the mid 90’s, the nature and scope of our projects led to shop expansion, team growth, and increased investment in technologically advanced manufacturing tools including CNC machines and computer-aided manufacturing software.


During the 2000’s, increased focus and growth in research and development led to diversifying our projects across multiple industries including: the medical sector (medical tissue harvesting instruments), the food industry (food processing and packaging), automotive industry (assembly and manufacturing), and urban infrastructure (sewage rehabilitating systems).


Over the past forty years, we have steadily grown and evolved into a full-service electromechanical, engineering, automation, and manufacturing custom shop, which has positioned Bartel Machine as a leading expert in the custom automation industry. In the years ahead, we plan to build on the experience we have acquired to grow in the complexity and efficiency of our projects to ultimately continue to engineer solutions for industry's challenges.

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